MASA uses USSF Certified Referees. To become a USSF Certified Referee, go to and click on Class Registration. Explore the site and learn about the profession. You want to find Entry Level Grade 9.

Here is a link to a video series put out by Major League Soccer called “So You Think You Can Ref?” Realize that this video series is geared towards the Professional Referee Training. We don’t apply a fitness test.

New referees should start with a yellow jersey and then acquire other colors (black, red, blue) as they progress. The normal attire is to wear black shorts and black socks. Shirts must be tucked in. In addition, new referees must have a stop watch, whistle, flip coin, yellow and red cards, and a record book. Eventually the referee will want to purchase a set of flags. If you are Center on a three-man team, you must have flags.

Uniforms can be purchased online at Official Sports or several other web businesses or locally at soccer supply stores such as Soccer Plus in Livonia.

Here is a link to the Referee Reference page

Game Day Information: 

Game day information can be found on the Referee Reference page.


MASA uses for assigning our referees. Each referee has a login to access their schedule, they can block days, accept or decline assignments, and print out their schedule.

Currently the Assignor is Dale Stringham.


Want to ask a Referee a question? Are you a Ref who wants to know more? ASK THE REF.COM
The Watch and the Whistle is a great place to learn about being a referee. Chris Seiwald discusses not only the laws of the game, but how you, as a referee, should act, dress, and conduct yourself.

Also, look at US Soccer’s Referee Week in Review.

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